Things Take Longer in the Winter

I carry my work clothes with me in a 10 litre dry bag (2 gallons for my US friends), inside a pannier, protected by a pannier rain cover. I am 100% certain I will have dry clothes when I get to work, no matter what conditions I had to cycle through to arrive. Essentially, the work arrival ritual is the same winter, spring, fall or summer: get the bike protected, bring in the panniers, clean up, and change. Winter doesn’t alter the tasks, but it does affect timing – something for which I must make allowances. I’m wearing extra layers, which includes shoe covers, merino base layers, gloves, head band or balaclava, etc. These all take time to peel off. Even in winter, I still arrive on the ‘damp side’, so all of the damp items must be hung to dry during my working hours. It’s worked out for me that the elapsed time for the winter ritual is roughly double that of summer’s version.

Even though it’s winter, I still carry and use one of these:

Pack Towel

Get one big enough that the same towel can be made wet on one half, while the other half can be used for drying. Hung up, it should dry and air out while you work. This little piece of commuting gear remains a necessity even in cold weather cycling.


~ by outdoor-enthusiast on January 23, 2013.

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