Calories, calories!

Cheer Up, It will soon be spring

Cheer up, it will soon be spring! Now feed me!

It’s very useful to have some way of monitoring your heart rate during a ride. I generally always wear a heart rate transmitter and record my rides. Over time, this gives me a good insight into the state of my health. For instance, the day before I came down with a bad cold just before Christmas, I noticed that my heart rate was about 5 beats a minute higher than normal on my daily commute. I deduced that I was coming down with something, and was able to react by increasing my vitamin C. I did get that cold, I did miss one day of work, but I was back riding and working 48 hours later.

But the monitoring delivers more than a heads-up on the state of the body, it can also provide good insight into personal energy. My commutes take between 250 and 500 calories, depending on wind, and temperature. If I see that the wind will be blowing stiffly into my face on my generally uphill homeward commute, I know I should have a few more calories in the tank before I head home, so I will manage to get a snack into me with roughly the required number of calories early enough that the ride is manageable.

Living a cycling lifestyle has kept my weight low and stable, and focused my attention on the quality and energy content of what I eat. Natural snacks, like raisins, become equated to kilometers cycled.


~ by outdoor-enthusiast on January 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Calories, calories!”

  1. Finally, a sensible approach to reducing carbon emissions, one person at a time. This is a pretty innovative approach to reducing CO2, while enabling those that absolutely must drive their gas guzzlers, to feel less destructive to our planet.

  2. Thanks for your comment Dave. I’ve noticed that the lifestyle is keeping me very healthy and fit. Here in Canada, with socialized medicine, costs of unhealthy lifestyle choices are borne by everyone. So, by leading this lifestyle, the health benefits accrue to one and all!

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